Land O Lakes Performance Extras Rewards Program

The Performance Extras® Rewards Program ended December 31, 2023,

with a final rebate submission deadline of March 31, 2024. If you have questions about enrolling in the new program, please visit our website.

Get Cash Rebates

Earn up to $2 on each case purchase — plus an extra $1 per case during your first 60 days of membership.

Have invoices to submit? Simply visit our rebate site and upload your invoices to receive your rebates.

Earn Rebates

First 60 days of Membership After 60 days of Membership
Tier 1 $2 per case $1 per case
Tier 2 $3 per case $2 per case

Product Tier Details Below
Rewards Points

Redeem for Great Rewards

Rack up points on every purchase of qualifying
LAND O LAKES® products — including 250 rewards points just for signing up.

Once you're signed up, you can track and redeem your points for mechandise in one place.

Earn Points

Silver Member
Program participation of less than 3 years
Gold Member
After 3 years, members are upgraded to Gold status
1 SKU Earn 4 pts/case Earn 6 pts/case
2+ SKUs Earn 6 pts/case Earn 8 pts/case

More Products, More Rewards

Earn cash rebates and rewards points redeemable for merchandise on
LAND O LAKES® products, including many of our most popular cheeses and sauces, plus butter, and spreads. Most are already in your kitchen, so why not earn extra on these trusted essentials?
$2 per case plus points
Tier 2 Products
Extra Melt® American Loaf
Yellow, 6/5 lb. (48153)
White, 6/5 lb. (48154)
with Jalpenos, 6/5 lb. (48242)

Extra Melt™ Cheese Sauce
Yellow, 6/5 lb. (39002)
White, 6/5 lb. (39050)

Extra Melt® Shredded Process American Cheese
Yellow, 4/5 lb. (42049)
White, 4/5 lb. (40014)

Golden Velvet® Cheese Spread
Yellow, 6/5 lb. (48775)
White, 6/5 lb. (48769)
Queso Bravo® Cheese Dip
Yellow, 6/5 lb. (48192)
White, 6/5 lb. (48238)

Signature® Spread Garlic & Herb Blend
• 4/4 lb. (15948)

Land O Lakes® Clarified Butter
• 4/5 lb. (19898)

Clarified Butter Blend with Vegetable Oil
• 2/8 Ib. (15004)